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Hairstyles: Pinned Up vs Let Down

  By KYMBERLEE FERNANDES   May 21st 2012 at 6:00AM Style RATED
What's Hot: Hair Done Up What's Not: Hair Let Down
Wow Factor: Whether it's the weather or just something that’s classy and in, we've noticed a lot of fashionaistas pinning their hair up, either in braids or messy buns. And when you see the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge (who always has her hair down) and Jennifer Lopez changing their styles, it's justified enough to conclude that hair pulled back and up is in, and it's time you stopped letting it down too.


Ouch Factor: There's so much that can be done with long tresses, other than just letting them hang loose. Forget free-flowing long hair (no matter how shiney) as it is bound to get messed up with a slight breeze. It's passé and shows you’re too lazy to care. Might as well ditch it, right?

Image courtesy: Reuters, BCCL




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