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luxpresso - 04/25/2013 10:00:00

Shape, Sculpt & Brighten, Says Guerlain's Gary Cooper

Shape, Sculpt and Brighten: An Interview With Guerlain's Gary Cooper Gary Cooper, International Makeup Artist for Guerlain talks to Time 'n Style Beauty about the latest trends in makeup and what to look out for this season Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 12/13/2012 06:00:00

That's My Contour: Dress for Your Body Shape

That's My Contour: Dress for Your Body Shape Every woman is gifted with a distinct body shape, each equally beautiful. Use these tricks to transform your look based on your body type Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 04/09/2011 06:00:56

Will You Wear This Bulgari Serpenti Watch?

bvlgari serpenti This watch looks more like a piece of jewellery that's come straight out of Cleopatra or Queen Nefertiti's look book. Checkout the Bvlgari Serpenti a stylish wrap around watch in steel and gold Continue Reading »