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luxpresso - 05/03/2013 12:12:24

Snapped: Saif Ali Khan in his new R8

Saif Ali Khan cars Saif Ali Khan must really have liked the new Audi R8 when he launched it while promoting Race 2 in Delhi. After all, he added one to his car collection Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 07/31/2012 13:30:00

Unadulterated Exhileration: The 2013 Audi R8

Unadulterated Exhileration: The 2013 Audi R8 German car manufacturer Audi, recently unveiled the 2013 Audi R8. The latest addition to the seven year old R8 line-up, the 2013 R8 line-up is all set to leave all the others behind. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 04/06/2011 06:00:45

Audi Unveils Luxury Duo Core Cycle

audi duo Audi, the luxury carmaker is busy launching its super luxury cars, including its A8 L and R8 Spyder in India. And internationally, it has unveiled the new Audi bicycle Continue Reading »