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luxpresso - 10/15/2014 14:02:57

Zuckerberg’s new $100 Million Island Retreat

Zuckerberg’s new $100 Million Island Retreat Mark Zuckerburg is all set to add Hawaii’s Kauai to his residential addresses, as he fronts more than $100 million to build a new luxury retreat. Giving the rustic vacation spot a lavish private quarters’ appeal, the Facebook entrepreneur has decided to remain tight-lipped on this major... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 09/20/2012 12:25:01

America’s Richest Include Indians That Make Top Dollar

America’s Richest Include Indians That Make Top Dollar While Bill Gates continues to hold on to his throne with cash cow Microsoft Corp under his wing, it is interesting to note that five Indian Americans sit stealthily on a pile of moolah, and are amongst Forbes’ rich list of the 400 most wealthiest people in America. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 05/21/2012 13:00:21

Yes, Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Got Married

Why Mark Zuckerberg's Move Leaves Us Feeling Bittersweet We didn't get so much as a hint of his impending wedding, so we were all quite shocked to know that Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg ditched the world's single ladies for his long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan. Obviously, the new news was spilled on the social networking site he built first.... Continue Reading »