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luxpresso - 08/08/2011 06:00:00

Colour Wars: Brights vs Black

Brights vs Black We're tired of seeing black, black and more black on red carpets and at society parties. It's time to move on to the vivid 'paintbox bright' hues we're been spotting on international red carpets off late Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/01/2011 06:00:43

In Jumpsuits: Feroze Gujral vs Kalyani Chawla

in jumpsuits kalyani feroze Two socialites were spotted wearing jumpsuits on two different occasions. Who looked better in theirs- Feroze Gujral in her grey one or Kalyani Chawla in her gold-tone one? Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 01/17/2011 06:10:48

Feroze Gujral vs Kiran Rao

Feroze Gujral vs Kiran Rao Who wore which designer jacket better? Is it Kiran Rao in Prada, or Feroze Gujral in Ritu Beri? Continue Reading »