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luxpresso - 08/31/2015 14:52:58

The Bejewelled Knuckle Duster

The Bejewelled Knuckle Duster Turkish jeweller Arman Suciyan is highly imaginative and supremely creative. This three-finger knuckle cascade ring endears itself with its elegance. The beautiful silver crane gently wraps its gem-adorned wings over the knuckles, when you slip it on. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/25/2015 16:19:23

Make Up Review: Chanel’s Blue Rhythm Collection

Make Up Review: Chanel’s Blue Rhythm Collection Just when we thought that monsoon has taken the better of us, Chanel arrives with goodies to cheer us up. To drive away seasonal blues, the brand offers the exquisite royal Blue Rhythm collection. From electric shade mascara to imperial shadows and vibrant hues for our digits, Chanel has officially... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/24/2015 13:15:13

The Perfect Make Up Companion: Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion

lancome miracle cushion india Finding the perfect foundation for that soft, dewy looking face is a perpetual quest. Putting an end to your search, Lancôme introduces the Miracle Cushion as the ideal compact and foundation. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/18/2015 16:10:30

Review: A Royal Cut at Mumbai’s Truefitt & Hill

Review: A Royal Cut at Mumbai’s Truefitt & Hill Taken in by the flawless hairdos sported by the nobles of Britain, Luxpresso signed up for a royal haircut with the oldest hair stylists of the world—Truefitt & Hill at their Colaba Salon in Mumbai. Here’s what we feel about the royal regime we underwent. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/13/2015 17:19:37

Travel-Inspired Hermès’ Charnière Bracelets

Travel-Inspired Hermès’ Charnière Bracelets Travel has been an inspiration for fashion and lifestyle since decades. Capturing the essence of wanderlust, Hermès introduced the beautiful Charnière bracelets. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 08/12/2015 17:06:51

Jaipur Watch Company’s Ode to India: Peacock Feather Timepiece

Jaipur Watch Company’s Ode to India: Peacock Feather Timepiece The peacock symbolises the colourful Indian culture and has influenced the fashion and beauty world extensively. To pay its tribute to India, Jaipur Watch Company has introduced a special Peacock Feather Timepiece. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 06/29/2015 15:12:47

[Exclusive Video]: Bottega Veneta’s Pictorial Journey to Italy for Fall/Winter 2015/16

Exclusive: Bottega Veneta’s Pictographic Journey to Italy for Fall–Winter 2015/16 Celebrating The Art of Collaboration’s final initiative for its advertising campaigns, this season, Italian leather brand Bottega Veneta and its Creative Director Tomas Maier ventured out to the picturesque landscapes of Turin in Italy to capture their upcoming Fall–Winter campaign. Shot in the... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 06/24/2015 06:00:00

Make Up Review: Chanel's Les Beiges 2015

Chanel's Les Beiges 2015 When it comes to quality, Chanel has cemented a position that even fewest can’t surpass. The brand’s Les Beiges 2015 collection only further validates this belief. Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 06/16/2015 13:14:09

Giorgio Armani’s Breakthrough Eye Shadow — the Eye Tint

Giorgio Armani’s Breakthrough Eye Shadow - the Eye Tint Giorgio Armani has some exciting news for make up junkies across the globe. The brand offers a whole new way to add colour to your eyes – the Eye Tint, a unique liquid eye shadow formula. Continue Reading »