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The Lion's Share: Exotic Lion's Meat for $1000

  By ASISH SAMANTA, TIME N STYLE   Mar 1st 2012 at 11:00AM Lifestyle RATED


the lions share exotic lions meat for $1000
(Image courtesy: Wikipedia and The Telegraph)

This one really puts meat lovers to the test. An exotic meat supplier in America provides a whole tenderloin of an African Lion for a ‘sale price’ of $999.99, which is otherwise listed at $1399.99.

The supplier states, "African Lion is NOT an endangered species. Our African Lions are raised in State of IL, USA. African Lions are slaughtered in State of IL under USDA inspection. African Lion meat is processed in State of IL in USDA inspected plant. I do not offer African Lion meat imported from South Africa or any other countries."

The site further claims that it has all the necessary federal and state permissions. The meat is processed in the state of Illinois in a USDA inspected plant.

Exotic Meat Market offers African Lion burgers, Lion meat leg roast, Lion meat loin roast, Lion meat shoulder roast, Lion steaks, Lion meat medallions, Lion meat tenderloin, Lion stew meat, Lion ribs and Lion filet mignon steaks.

They also supply alligator, black bear, bison, antelope and zebra meat among many ohter options, for the one's who can afford it of course.



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