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Tech in 2012: Thinner, Faster, Better

  By TYREL RODRICKS, TIME N STYLE   Jan 3rd 2012 at 6:00AM Time n Style RATED

Welcome to the future. Unlike the future you've seen in the movies, people don't own flying cars or holographic TVs. Not yet, they don't. We do, however, own smartphones and tablets that have enabled us to accomplish increasingly complex tasks no matter where we are. Today, you can work, play games, watch movies, and even shop, whenever it takes your fancy. This is a year that will either go down in history as the year of quad-core phones and tablets, or will not go down in history because, well, the Mayans were right. Assuming the former, we've got four gadgets for you to pick from.

tech in 2012 thinner faster better
The Samsung Galaxy S II was one of 2011's best-selling smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S III
What: The Samsung Galaxy S, released in 2010, marked a turning point for Samsung and Android. The Galaxy S II (SGSII) took that new turn, and blew it into oblivion, as it became one of the bestselling Android phones ever. If you thought the SGSII had high expectations, the Galaxy S III (SGSIII) has astronomical expectations.

Why: What made the SGSII special was that it achieved stellar heights in terms of its hardware specifications. Samsung should live up to that standard in 2012; and their flagship phone will duly comply with the 'quad-core' standard of the year. But it won't be just any quad-core processor powering the phone. Picture this: An arsenal of cores at your disposal, but only as many as you need at any given moment. Rumours have it this Exynos chip will give higher priority to power management than before-using two cores for regular use, and only employing the other two for heavy-duty processing. With battery life becoming such a priority in smartphones, the Korean company seems headed in the right direction.

tech in 2012 thinner faster better
The Transformer Prime is set to be the first tablet with a quad-core processor.

ASUS Transformer Prime
What: The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was an impressive Android tablet, even though it was quickly overshadowed by thinner tablets with better specifications. There was potential in the tablet and its well-built keyboard dock. The Transformer Prime is the much-anticipated follow-up, to be released in early 2012.

Why: The Transformer Prime should be your Android tablet of choice for one simple reason (though it offers two): the Prime will be the first quad-core tablet to hit the market.
Featuring the Tegra 3 processor, awesomely nicknamed Kal-El, the Prime offers processing unlike any other tablet on the market. Also, unlike most other tablets, expect outstanding battery life. The iPad 2 has, so far, been the frontrunner, but the Transformer Prime offers over 10 hours of battery life, extended an additional 6 hours when paired with the keyboard dock.

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