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'Summerise' your look

  By ALISHA FERNANDES, TIME N STYLE   May 10th 2012 at 6:00AM Time n Style RATED


This summer spend less time in front of the mirror and more time enjoying the sunshine by trying the no muss-no fuss looks by Olivier Echaudemaison, creative director at Guerlain.

Olivier says: If your eyes are showing telltale signs of fatigue, remember don't layer on the eye makeup!

Try this look: Bright eyes
First, dab on an illuminator on the inner corner of the lids. You can try the Issima Precious Light. Pat lightly until it sinks in. It makes the dark circles in the under-eye region disappear without "covering" the skin. It also helps minimise fine lines and dark circles. Next, to accentuate the dewy-eyed ingénue look, use a white eye pencil, which has a hint of pink, as it brings out the whites of your eyes for a candid wide-eyed look. You can try the Khôl me Ivory. After that, apply a coat of mascara on the upper lashes with the large brush, and the lower lashes with the small brush. Save your eyebrows for last. This step is crucial, because a flawless brow line is essential to achieve a wideeyed look. Redefine your brows using an eyebrow pencil, taking care to follow their natural curve. To blend it in, brush your brows upwards.

Olivier says: There's nothing sexier or more in style than ultrared lips. But you have to do things right and follow a few basic rules. One characteristic of a saturated red lipstick is that it will always creep up tiny lines around the mouth. To make sure that your lipstick is set for hours, always apply a lip balm to prepare the lips and fix the colour.

Try this look: Vermillion pout
After applying a base, redraw the lip contours with a lip pencil coordinated with your lipstick shade, or with the bevelled side of your lipstick if you have nimble fingers. Always apply lipstick with a liberal hand. You'll need a lip brush to fill in the contours with lip colour
perfectly, but for touchups, just use the lipstick.

If your mouth is large: Apply foundation or concealer on the lip contours. Draw new lines inside the real ones, ending at corners of your mouth. The new lines should make your mouth seem less wide. Finally, use a lustrous lipstick, which is used to set off full lips. Place a touch of gloss right in the centre of each lip.

If your mouth is too small: Apply foundation to lip contours and lightly blend in. With a lip pencil, draw a soft line above the upper lip to draw a new lip contour and make your lips look fuller. Then apply a glossy lip product to create an effect of relief.


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