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Schauna Chauhan Saluja: Leap in Time

  By SUMITA BAGCHI, TIME N STYLE   Nov 28th 2011 at 11:00AM Time n Style RATED


schauna chauhan saluja leap in time

Among the powerful women in business in contemporary India, this name has shaped and consistently scaled the ladder of success; the leading Parle Agro's lissome and young CEO, Schauna Chauhan Saluja, the eldest daughter of Prakash Chauhan, its founder. Inheriting the giant Parle firm at the age of 22, Schauna has been an entrepreneurial legend, who has achieved several milestones to make Parle Agro a leading name in the country.

Time, for me, is an important factor that governs our life and hence the decisions we make. I believe that one should maximise the amount of time one gets by utilising it in the best way possible with optimum effort to ensure that it increases your productivity. Once gone, it is impossible to bring back or change time. I firmly believe that the future beholds the decisions you make in the present to predict the tomorrow.

The big jump
There are so many young CEOs heading large organisations. However, it is a gradual process. When I started out, it wasn’t like I
started running the company from Day 1. Even I had to go through the grind, gradually learning the tricks of the trade. And it is only after working for so many years that I have become confident enough to make my own decisions, and climb the ladder. It is a mix of all the work experience, including the mistakes, downfalls and the positive things that have come as a part and parcel of the job, which has been a huge learning experience for me and has made me what I am today. As a CEO, to manage an organisation like mine, it’s eminent to have a clear conscience, work ethically, follow good business practices, believe in honesty and work hard. One of the many pros of working in a family-run business is that because it’s in the family, there’s a lot of passion involved in the business. I always had my father to guide me through the entire induction and settle me into the role that I am in today.

Indulgent times
For me, luxury is something that is inessential, but conducive to pleasure and comfort. In my life, luxury means to indulge or possess something that doesn’t really add much value to my life, except to give me some sort of enjoyment for that moment. I am not a very brand conscious person; I believe that if you have an elegant, confident poise and walk with a big smile, you are the best dressed person. I’ve never really cared about brands. I like to wear what I’m comfortable in. Be it any style accessory, if you carry it with confidence and if it goes well with your personality, then it’s sure to make a statement. Where watches are concerned, it’s a gift that can never go wrong. Your timepiece must match your personality. The Ulysse Nardin timepiece gifted by
my husband has a special meaning for me, among the others that I own. If given a chance, I would like to create an ideal watch that can open, lock and even start my car, in case I lose my key! Although I own several watches from brands like Omega, Cartier, Carl. F. Bucherer and a Toy Watch, I rarely wear watches.

Celebrations and more
Our country is incomplete without festivals. Celebrated by one and all with the same fervour, for me, it is a time where friends
and family get together and have a good time and a lot of fun. It is a time full of love and harmony. Navaratri is my favourite time of the year. The nights of dancing, garbha and dandiya, wearing the typical colourful costumes of lehenga is what I love the most. The entire picture during this time is beautiful fused with colours and excitement.



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