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Resort Chic: Shivan and Narresh Suggest Looks for This Summer

  By ALISHA FERNANDES, TIME N STYLE   May 10th 2012 at 4:15PM Jewellery RATED

Summer-Resort 2012
In terms of silhouette and lines, the inspiration definitely came from Wassily Kandinsky’s work, especially the Bauhaus period. The Russian painter’s clean lines, linear geometry and flatness, devoid of any 3-D feel inspired our collection tremendously. His influence shines through not only in the lines of the resort wear collection, but also in the colour palette which we chose. He was in love with earthy colour tones and we, being very proud of being an Indian brand, thought that these colours were something we wanted to use. So, the collection showcases a variety of colours including Indian ochre, Jaipur maroon, sky blue, papaya orange and white. Another segment of our collection, which was designed keeping the ultra-chic woman traveller in mind delves into a pink and crème colour palette. This woman is comfortable with her body and wouldn’t mind wearing swimwear that’s like second skin. So, the colours used had to be equally jaw dropping.



We conceptualise every collection by thinking of the entire look, including accessories because that’s how you’d wear it. Though the swimwear is important, all the other touches make the look truly exceptional, which is why accessorising is essential. This season, our accessories included Swarovski, wooden elements and acrylic, because a woman on-the-go does not want to carry heavy-duty, expensive jewellery, but still wants to maintain that stylish edge. These accessories do just that–travel easy and look chic.

Growth as a brand
Our evolution has occurred more in terms of understanding the swim and resort lifestyle and the Indian psyche. Most people don’t realise it, but we live a resort lifestyle and it’s so apparent in the little things we do, like walking into a five star hotel in chappals. Ours is a resort climate and we choose to design clothing that is right for the climate and the consumer. We believe that our clothes accentuate form and build confidence and sophistication. Gone are the days when you used fashion to try and look like someone else. Now, it’s all about feeling confident in the body you’re blessed with and using fashion as a tool to make you look the best you can.

Sneak Peek
The inspiration for our next collection is going to be the horse. The entire theme is going to be very equestrian—it will dissect the anatomy of the horse within the Indian folklore—so it should be very interesting.

Trends this season
Clothes: High-waisted flared pants and coloured trousers
Colours: Papaya orange and ochre

Accessorising Tips


This summer, dress up your ensemble with the right accessories to complete your look. Accessories in acrylic and wood are great for summer as they travel well and look chic. Swarovski is a great option to bling out your evening wear.

-Sunglasses are a good option for functionality as well as style during the bright tropical summers.

-Flowy, billowing silhouettes like maxi dresses, tunics and loose shirts in light fabrics and bright colours are completely the way to go.



-You can try the old-school, flower child vibe with 70's inspired tie-dye or stick to basic whites.

-Linen, jersey and satin are fabrics that are in vogue this summer.

-African-inspired bags and accessories, like those from Malini Agarwalla’s Malaga collection are an interesting option.



-The colour palette is exceptionally wide, going from black and white to neons, and bright colours like shades of orange, pink, red, blue and yellow.

-Flip-flops will never go out of style, whether they are chappals, sandals or Indian kolhapuris.


(Image courtesy: LFW)


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