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Out Of This World: Space Travel

  By AYUSHEE SYAL, TIME N STYLE   May 7th 2012 at 1:55PM Lifestyle RATED




(Photo credit: ZEro G)

The journey makes for one of the most memorable parts of experiencing luxury travel. And with the trend of space travel gaining momentum, we can only imagine what an experience such a trip will be. Although space tourism is famous for both business and recreational activities, the latter is soaring to newer heights. Opportunities to enter spatial territories and feel like a newborn astronaut are made available through the various programmes listed by the Russian Space Agency. Those who can’t overcome the fear of exiting our planet’s boundaries can avail the experience of floating in a craft customised to create a weightless environment, without actually having to travel all the way.

If you’re tempted to experience the thrill of travelling in space, then it’s time you learned about Space Adventures. A premier space exploration company, this privately-run organisation is the onlyone that gives you the prospect of travelling in a private spaceflight. They have already sent clients to space and successfully so. As fascinating and absorbing as the experience sounds to the ears, it surely is one exclusive to the elite. A trip to space will cost you somewhere around USD 1,10,000, if you take a sub-orbital spaceflight. Here are the four different ‘Space Adventures’ you could opt for when planning a trip to space.

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