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Around The World With Your Palate

  By AYUSHEE SYAL, TIME N STYLE   May 5th 2012 at 6:00AM Lifestyle RATED


Image courtesy: Stock Xchng


People who love to cook and who love to eat often ponder about what’s served on the tables across the world. Curiosity, after all, is an innate human trait that can’t be dismissed—especially when connected to something as glorious as food. Here we track some ingredients that contribute to create some of the best tasting local delicacies across the world.

Japan: Order a bowl of noodles and you will be given a bill of ¥10,000! While noodles can make the most inexpensive meal in Japan, select hotels and restaurants serve them as a delicacy. Fujimaki Gekijo is one such restaurant located near Nakameguro Station. If you’re looking to grab a meal here, a three-day-advance booking awaits you. What you ideally want at this restaurant is a bowl of ramen noodles. The ‘Emperor Ramen’ costs a royal ¥10,000. If you’re wondering what this expensive dish contains, let us fill you in: all kinds of meat that one can think of, other than noodles of course. It is a mix of prawns, blue crab, clams, shrimps, chicken, ham, beef, pork and the like. Now isn’t that a whole lot of meat? The dish looks more like soup, but surely makes for one of the most expensive Japanese delicacies.

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