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Estee Lauder’s Beauty Guide Helps You Shine Like the Summer Sun

  By   Apr 18th 2013 at 10:36AM Style RATED

estee lauder's beauty guide

The Paris-inspired Heavy Petals Collection by Estee Lauder


With a host of exciting new launches lined up next month, Estee Lauder’s training expert Antonio Dimitrio indulged our vanity at a one-on-one personalised session, where he revealed what’s passé, what’s new, and what’s in store. Here’s the quick chat you should’ve been privy too


Trending this summer…

…At Estee Lauder, we’re still digging the high shine, particularly on the cheeks. Imagine sculpting under the cheekbone with a bronzer and then sweeping an illuminating blush from cheekbone to high brow. The key is to let go of the intense colour that was trending in the winter, but keep the glossy finish intact.


And while that’s a good look for the night, day or corporate wear would benefit from the very nude, matte effect that always seems to make a comeback in the summer. It’s a safe, sure shot bet, but remember, sometimes too safe can be boring.


Feature to focus on this summer…

…It’s been about the lips for quite a while, now hasn’t it? Well this season we shift focus to the eyes, and I am definitely not talking about the smokey effect (done to death!), but just the use of one strong colour juxtaposed with a highlighter.


Lips should only take precedence at night, where you would benefit from using lip plumping colours that give a bee-sting, lip stain effect.


Colour of the season…

…Well emerald green has made the biggest splash this year, but I would like to point out that a light powder blue on the eyes is also one to look out for. This watery colour is so summery, and can be taken from day to night by simply intensifying the hue.


estee lauder's beauty guide
Estee Lauder training expert Antonio Dimitrio


Application tricks to avoid a make up melt down…

…Use the summer to your advantage. Ditch the linear, graphic lines and give imperfection a chance. The best part about this season is that the colour palette is a lot softer, so make up errors and smudges are hardly noticeable. Just blend the shades with a light hand and keep things fuss free


Storing your make up in the summer…

…India is particularly hot and humid, so you’ve got to go that extra mile and make an effort. Little things like storing your make up in cool, dry places, not exposing it to direct sunlight can take you a long way. Also, why carry everything with you every day? Just pack in select pieces that you need for the day in the handbag. If you are travelling, or are going to be out in the sun for long hours, gel make up bags are a great save. These can be frozen over night and can be stocked with your make up, just as you are about to head out.


Your take on skin protecting make up…

…The sun is your key concern, and as sunblocks need to be re-applied every two hours, or tend to melt away under harsh conditions, it helps that the make up you are using has in-built SPF. A make up product is no good if it’s only cosmetic and will not take care of your skin. Simple things like moisturising eye shadows and lip balms are more helpful than you realise.


A must-have beauty product in your handbag…

…Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I personally guarantee it works.


Your beauty icon…

….Monica Bellucci. Soo Italian, soo glamorous, soo beautiful…


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