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What You Didn't Know About Gautam Adani

  By SASHA LALCHANDANI   Oct 3rd 2011 at 6:00AM Lifestyle RATED

Image courtesy: BCCL

Gujarati businessman Gautam Adani, who is on India's list of top 10 richest people, is the chairman of the Adani Group, a leading trading and export company in India. We tell you some more about the man behind the many billions.


Milestones: In March 2011, Adani became the sixth richest person in India, with his net worth at $10 billion. He also became the first billionaire from the city of Ahmedabad.


Jet Setter: A billionaire wouldn't be a true billionaire if he didn't own at least one private jet. Adani then of course owns two. He has a Beechcraft that he purchased in 2005 and a Hawker that he bought more recently in 2008.


Air Tales: In order to minimize travel time, the Chairman of the Adani group bought a chopper to transport him from his house in Ahmedabad to the airport where his two jets are parked. The Augusta Westland AW 139 a 15 seater helicopter cost him Rs 12 crore.


Car Story: Adani's garage is filled with many a BMW including a BMW 7 series stretch limousine and a red Ferrari.


The Dropout: What most people don't know about Adani is that he never finished college. He began a Bachelor's degree in commerce at Gujarat University, but dropped out of college after the second year.

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Inspiration: Often compared to Dhirubhai Ambani, Adani looks up to him as well. They both were the first generation in their families to make it to the billionaire list and they both started from scratch. 



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