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Singapore Gets Hermes' First Fashion-Forward Apartment

  By KYMBERLEE FERNANDES   May 29th 2012 at 6:00AM Homes & Real Estate RATED


Style doesn't have to be limited to clothes only. And it’s always nice to see designers and luxury brands taking fashion-forward steps in other categories too. Like when so many trend setters created a rave by giving cars a makeover.
Now French fashion house Hermes has just taken its first steps into the plush world of home décor. The fashion house will – for the first time - create its own interiors for a luxury apartment in The Marq by SC Global property developers at Singapore's Paterson Hill.
Inside the Hermes Apartment
It is a massive apartment with five bedrooms, spread over a sprawling 6,232 sq ft. Everything from the rugs, wallpaper, furniture and carpets to leather upholstery will be from Hermes.
Covered in Grygkar Bibliotheque wallpaper, the bedroom also has an orange leather horse - which is half origami and half sculpture. Then we hear that the armchairs and sofas from the Confortable line have been selected and the living room has a hand-woven Appaloosa rug in silk and Soleil round coffee tables by Jean-Michel Frank, a French interior designer. This apartment is opulence at its best.


There is also a Samarcande chess board crafted out of plaisander wood and leather ornamenting. Not to mention a sprinkling of art pieces by another French artist, Jean-Luc Favero.
Walk into the dining room to see a well-crafted dresser and table by Hermes leather workers. What’s interesting is that the table is a concoction of Hermes porcelain and assorted Cristalleries de Saint Louis by Parisian silversmiths. (It's on our wishlist too).
But with this amazing news comes a some bad news - the apartment is NOT for sale, but you can step in if you plan to host a party there, as it will be available only for private affairs.

Image via VIP luxury service club



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