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Chef Paul Kinny's Monsoon Recipes

  By KYMBERLEE FERNANDES   Jul 3rd 2012 at 6:00AM Lifestyle RATED


Are you prepared for the monsoons? Dome, the gorgeous roof-top bar-cum-restaurant at the Intercontinental, definitely is. They’ve created a new setting, and a new menu that’s been put together by acclaimed chef, Paul Kinny.

On the new menu are dishes like lemongrass seafood skewers with home-made sweet tomato jam, Arabian Sea prawns skewers with a chilly glaze and lemon butter, Brazilian tenderloin and spiced potato skewers with a three mustard dip (which were yum, fyi); and five-spiced meat ball skewers paired with a light soya garlic sauce, the meat-eating folks would be more than satisfied.
And as for the vegetarian food, we loved the stuffed Bhavnagari chilli tempura (with four types of cheese). There’s also lemon paprika corn, cottage cheese skewers, Cajun mushroom & water chestnut skewers and chilli pineapple and vegetable skewers on the new Dome menu.

After sampling Kinny’s delectable skewers we got the chef to tell us about his favourite monsoon dish. And he replied quicker than ever that his personal favourite dish is, “Lime and salt rubbed corn. But I also prefer hot tea and puff pastries. When I’m in a mood for soup, I make a puree of the same roasted corn spiked with lime and salt, so it’s like a double treat of having bhutta (corn) in a cup”.

He suggested every foodie try these recipes this monsoon:
Arabian Sea prawn skewers with chilli glaze and lemon butter sauce


Prawns peeled 10 nos
Salt 05 gms
Pepper powder 05 gms
Oil 15 ml
Lemon Juice 15 ml
Butter 10 gms
Sugar 15 gms
Lemon Zest 05 gms
Chilli paste 05 gms
Satay Stick 03 nos
Method: Marinate prawn with salt, pepper, oil and lime juice keep aside. Take marinated prawns & arrange on skewers. Heat the griller and grill them till cooked. Apply chilli glaze (see recipe below) to the prawns and place then in a plate. Serve it hot. Makes 2 portions.
For chilli glaze: Heat a pan and add sugar. Let the sugar caramelised, then add melted butter, chilli paste, lemon zest, allow it to thick.
Stuffed Bhavnagri Chilli tempura with four cheeses and a cumin yogurt dip


Bhavnagri chilli 150 gms
Cheddar cheese 15 gms
Mozzarella cheese 15 gms
Parmesan Cheese 15 gms
Feta Cheese 10 gms
Onion 10 gms
Raw Mango 10 gms
Carrots 10 gms
Sugar 05 gms
Salt 05 gms
Chilli powder 05 gms
Tomato ketchup 10 gms
Tempura flour 50 gms
Oil 100 ml
Method: In a pan add oil and sauté onion carrots & raw mango. Add sugar and tomato ketchup in it once the mixture is ready keep aside. Take Bhavnagri chilli, slit it remove seed from inside and blanch it. Once the mixture gets cold add all four cheeses in and mix it well. Stuff Bhavnagri chilli with the cheese mixture.

Make batter of tempura flour by adding water in it. Deep the stuffed chilli in the batter and deep fry it in hot oil. Cut the chilli in to half & serve it with cumin yogurt dip (beaten curd, roasted cumin powder and salt).



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