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Tintin Memorabilia Creates Record Sale

  By AGENCIES   Jun 4th 2012 at 12:09PM Lifestyle RATED
A rare 1932 cover of "Tintin in America", hand-drawn by Belgian writer and illustrator Herge, has fetched a record 1.3 million euros ($1.6 million) at an auction in Paris.
The sale broke the record - set by the same item in 2008 - when it sold for 764,000 euros.The cover shows Tintin dressed as a cowboy and sitting with his dog Snowy as axe-wielding American Indians creep up on them.It was bought by a private collector Saturday.

The drawing is one of only five remaining such works by Herge - whose real name was Georges Remi. Herge died in 1983. Only two such works are in private hands.

The sale was part of a larger sale of Tintin memorabilia, including draft sketches of Tintin and a copy of "Explorers on the Moon", signed by the first men to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, and fellow astronaut Michael Collins.

Source: IANS 





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