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Japanese Airline's New Planes Spell Luxury

  By KYMBERLEE FERNANDES   Jun 24th 2011 at 6:00AM Cars & Jets RATED

Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Image courtesy: Reuters
Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways will soon be adding Boeing' 787 Dreamliner - which the aeroplane manufacturer has been touting as an innovative passenger jet for a new age in air travel. And Nippon has found another way to make this flight even more enticing, says an LA Times report. Looks like these guys can change the aircraft game.

So what should you really expect on board ANA's 787 Boeing Dreamliner plane? Let's start with the business class section on planes that will fly international routes. It will have wider spaces for seats that recline in to beds. And while the unusual 17-inch touch screen LCDs for games and movies is part of package, passengers will have the benefit of spacious, roomy bathrooms with bidet-toilets.

The renovated economy cabin offers passengers the known in-flight entertainment with seat-back LCD touch screen, a plug-in port for laptops and USBs and an iPod dock for long-haul routes.

Every class has more room, enhanced air quality, large 19-inch windows that can adjust the light coming into the cabin with the touch of button and higher humidity. Also the craft has bigger, drop-down overhead luggage bins.

japanese airlines new planes spell luxury
Inside All Nippon Airways' 787 aircraft. Image via LA Times
Eco-Friendly Aircraft
For the fuel-conscious buyers, Boeing promised airlines that the use of composites and a newly developed engine will result in 20 per cent less fuel usage than jetliners of a similar size. About 835 of the jest have already been ordered.

All Nippon, Boeing's launch partner, has ordered about 55 Dreamliners for domestic and international routes. The first 787 aircraft is expected to be delivered by the end of 2011.


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