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Indian Art Takes Centre Stage

  By TNN   Jun 8th 2012 at 12:55PM Lifestyle RATED

indian art takes centre stage
A few days ago Jehangir Sabavala's wife Shirin was concerned whether his much talked about work Vespers I would get sold at the Bonhams auction. At her house at Altamount Road, the octogenarian, who was married to Sabavala for six decades, thought the estimated price - at £100,000-150,000 (approx Rs 85 lakh - Rs 1.3 crore) - was way too high. Wonder how she's feeling today after this artwork has actually been sold for £253,650 (approx Rs 2.1 crore) - twice the expected sum and a world record for Indian art of sorts.

At Bonhams, work from our burgeoning art world has never sold for such a high price. Shirin is currently in the process of setting up a Jehangir Sabavala Foundation that would carry on the legacy that the incomparable artist left behind. The foundation that will celebrate that Sabavala loved, including poetry, will be inaugurated in the first week of October.
A Tribute to MF Husain

In other artsy news one of Mumbai's designer, best-known for the shoe stores with the figurine of a dancing girl, Munna Jhaveri of Joy Shoes, has installed limited edition bronze sculptures of the artist in his showroom for MF Husain's first death anniversary which is on June 9.

The sculptures are a series of three, two of which are in the store right now. The first one is to commemorate the first painting that Husain gifted Jhaveri and then insisted that he hang in his store that very moment. Which is why you have Husain standing with a hammer in hand, driving a nail into an invisible wall. The second is nod to Husain's hoarding painting days, when he would kneel and paint on the floor through the night. The third sculpture will having him sitting on the revolving chair in his London studio, painting a Joy Shoes board which he had made for the store. Jhaveri has been working with a young artist he wouldn't name for eight months to make these and will eventually cast them in bronze.



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