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Auction Alert: Titanic Artifacts Up for Sale

  By AYUSHEE SYAL, TIME N STYLE   Jan 6th 2012 at 6:00AM Lifestyle RATED

sail through sale of titanic artefacts

(Picture courtesy: Wikipedia)

If you are an ardent admirer and collector of ancient merchandise, this your chance to get your hands on one of the most celebrated collections of all times.

What: The sunken ship is finally going to bring joy for some with the auction of more than 5,500 artefacts recovered from the wreckage. All the collectibles will be sold as a single lot to commemorate the 100th anniversary of sinking of the Titanic as it took off for its maiden excursion.

When and where: The auction will be held on April 1, at Guernsey- an auction house in New York. The trove consists of fine china, ship fittings, parts of the hull and the belongings of the passengers including their perfumes (wonder if they still smell good). It’s no surprise that the approximate value of all the objects has totaled up to be over $189 million as per Premier Exhibitions Inc. (parent of RMS Titanic Inc.) The results of the auction though will be awaited till April 15, the very day when the Titanic collapsed after hitting an iceberg.

How: It was back in 1985 that a team headed by oceanographer Robert Ballard sited the debris. Located about 400 miles from Newfoundland, Canada, little did people know then that the remains would turn out to be a heap of treasure.

RMS Titanic Inc. has all reasons to celebrate since the federal judge in Virginia has entitled them to gain a certain portion of the profits made. Before you raise your eyebrow, you must know it’s the company that salvaged all the objects. The auction house will also earn 8 per cent from the bidding that tastes success.



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