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Does the 24 Carat Gold-Plated Sony Xperia P Have Your Attention?

  By KARISHMA ROYE   Dec 4th 2012 at 6:00AM Gadgets RATED

Does the 24 Carat Gold-Plated Sony Xperia P Have Your Attention?

Image Courtesy: Sony


Sony’s latest promotional stunt employs the viral ‘gold-plated’ gimmick most other companies seem to have adopted this year (bathtubs, iPhone 5s, usb flash drives, and even the gold old affordable tata nano… phew).


What we have here is your very standard android Xperia being given a blingy facelift, for it to attract enough eyeballs for Sony’s worldwide treasure hunt. Those interested in striking this piece of gold need to keep their eyes open for the contest announcement, but here’s a few things that you’d might like to know first:


The only thing new about the Xperia P is a certain exclusivity if you care (limited to 15 units).


And of course, the 24 carat gold-plated exterior is the other upsell.


But underneath it all is the same 4 inch touchscreen display with an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera, a 1 GHz processing unit and a 960 x 540 resolution of your regular Sony Xperia. 


Not completely wowed by the launch, we’re on the fence about this one. What about you?



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