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The Chanel Coat That Took 375 Days to Make

  By KYMBERLEE FERNANDES   Jul 10th 2012 at 6:00AM Style RATED


Image via Chanel

When you buy high couture, well you expect it to have been given special attention through its production. And the collections put out at Paris Haute Couture week are usually the crème de la crème from the designs of world's leading fashion designers.
And a certain coat from Chanel's autumn/winter 2012 gave the term 'special attention' a whole new meaning. It isn't unheard of for high networth individuals to spend lavishly on a couture outfit, but Karl Lagerfeld explains that couture has to be something nobody can do.
Apparently some of the world's most skilled couturiers - embroiderers, button makers and weavers took 3,000 man-hours to make a sleeveless coat. So, on an average of eight hours of work a day, this coat would have been completed in 375 days, exactly.

In a Telegraph report he was quote saying "You know the tweed is not tweed - it's embroidery, all done by hand. There's a coat with no sleeves that took 3,000 hours to make."

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