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Sorry Ladies, These Stilettos are for Men

  By TNN   May 1st 2012 at 6:00AM Style RATED


The latest fad for men right now is stilettos. Yes, you read that right... a pair of stilettos. A website reports a New York clubber telling a newspaper how he met a guy in shorts, normal tank and really hot red pumps recently. While heeled shoes for men were made famous in films like Saturday Night Fever and Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, can the men's heel fad turn out to be the new power dressing code for the Alpha set?

How They Work?

While it's a show boat of sorts, men might feel it's a 'power' trip to tower over others. But Indian prêt experts have another view. Manish Malhotra feels men's stilettos may just be a fad and are not here to stay. Ravi Bajaj also shares, "The usage of men's heels as such will be marginal. I think technically men will find it tougher to balance themselves on the stiletto as opposed to women, who are used to it. The chiselled heel, which is more tapered, is more popular. French President Nicolas Sarkozy wears one!" he adds.

Game to Try It?

Are vertically challenged men ready for the man heels? Comedian Vir Das, who doesn't have the height advantage, says he won't try them. "Walking in heels puts so many women in a bad mood, so I definitely won't try them! I'm happy with my feet. As for the height issue, I'm a funny guy so having a sense of humour is far better than wearing a pair of heels," he says.

But VJ Cyrus is gung-ho about it. "I'd wear them; I've been short all my life. I think mens heels are going to be a huge fad in India with more than 50 per cent of the orders coming from Bollywood alone! Why not do away with women's heels and let men wear theirs, to even out the balance?"

Author: Ismat Tahseen



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