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Week In Luxury Launches: The Edgy Luxury

By   ON Nov 1st 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at Luxury Launches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings across the world. This time, there's edgier side to luxury with Mercedes Benz and BMW's new invent, Top Five In-Flight Meal services, Lalique & Caran Dache's limited edition diamond and crystal studded pen and De Grisogono's diamond studded timepiece.  ...   Continue Reading »

Norman Foster and Zaha Hadid are set to Design Luxury Hotels in China

By   ON Oct 31st 2014 at 10:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

World-renowned architects, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster (also known as Lord Foster of the Thames Bank), are all set to design two luxury hotels in China for the Jumeirah Groups newest properties: Jumeirah Nanjing and Jumeirah Wuhan. Both properties said to redefine the luxury hotel landscape in China will open for business in a few years time.  ...   Continue Reading »

[Video]: Stay At Marlon Brando’s Private Island Tetiaroa

By   ON Oct 23rd 2014 at 10:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Marlon Brandos private island, Tetiaroa, opened to the public for the first time this past July. The island houses the newly-opened resort, called The Brando, where room rates reach 7,500 a night. The resort has been opened to commemorate the tenth anniversary of The Godfather actors death.  ...   Continue Reading »

Top 5 Duty-Free Spirit Brands

By   ON Oct 22nd 2014 at 2:07PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Noting consumer buying habits across airports of 118 countries, IWSR (The International Wine and Spirit Research) recently launched a report on the top travel retail spirit brands from 2013 till 2018.  ...   Continue Reading »

Unexplored Destinations for a Luxurious Getaway

By   ON Oct 21st 2014 at 11:30AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

When life overwhelms you, head out to these destinations a desert citadel, a great city, an island and a glistening tea estate, luxurious getaways that will make you leave the world behind  ...   Continue Reading »

The Luxe List: Luxury Must-Haves

By   ON Oct 21st 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

From limited edition timepieces to a meal in the sky and space travel; the world of luxury is yours for the taking. Read on and discover more in our carefully-compiled list of absolute luxury must-haves spotted this year  ...   Continue Reading »

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Holiday Season

By   ON Oct 17th 2014 at 1:26PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. With Diwali next week and the holiday season shortly after, we sum up some luxurious addresses and best buys that have recently hit the market.  ...   Continue Reading »

DAMAC Properties & Paramount Give the Emirates a Hollywood Makeover

By   ON Oct 16th 2014 at 3:53PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

The manmade lands of the gulf will soon be flanked by Hollywood style retreats courtesy Paramount Hotels and Resorts and DAMAC properties. With plans to mark upscale addresses in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and UAE, DAMAC intends to bring the American lifestyle to premium locations in the Emirates.  ...   Continue Reading »

Glenlivet Releases the World’s First Collection of 50YO Single Malts

By   ON Oct 14th 2014 at 2:18PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection yes, thats the name all whisky connoisseurs need to remember the next time theyre at travel retail stores looking for that perfect single malt  ...   Continue Reading »

Indulgent Shopping is Your Free Check-In to Palladium Hotel This Month

By   ON Oct 14th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

In a partnership that spells both excitement and luxury for serious shoppers this festive season, the two flagship brands of Phoenix Mills Limited The Palladium Hotel and Palladium Mall are coming together to serve up the ultimate 'October Indulgence'. Here's the shopping spree that will get you a free luxury stay-cation...  ...   Continue Reading »

Your MasterCard to Luxury Travel Around the World

By   ON Oct 13th 2014 at 1:06PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Swiping in for luxury, MasterCard holders will soon enjoy the benefits of two new programs that include a set of five-star check-ins worldwide, and alternately a Priceless Cities program to enhance your luxury travel experiences...  ...   Continue Reading »

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Priciest, Fastest, Latest

By   ON Oct 10th 2014 at 1:34PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. This week, well do a quick take on same swank new drives, expensive launches, and brand new upscale hotels. Read on  ...   Continue Reading »

This Holiday Package is Worth 3 Michelin Stars

By   ON Oct 8th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

In an exclusive and novel offering, VeryFirstTo has collaborated with luxury travel company HolidaysPlease to create the best gourmet around-the-world trip ever curated. The six-month long fiesta includes flying business class to cover 12 countries, while checking-in to star hotels (think Trump International NYC, Conrad Tokyo, Claridges London), with the ultimate aim of dining at every 3 Michelin Star restaurant in the world, of which there are 107! At 182,000 (Rs 1.7 crore approx), this culinary escapade is a steal once you know whats up on order. Heres looking at just a few of those landmark addresses  ...   Continue Reading »

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Shop & Travel in Style

By   ON Oct 3rd 2014 at 2:07PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. Limited edition cars, first-of-its-kind watches and luxurious travel experiences make it to the list this week. Heres a quick recap  ...   Continue Reading »

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Bling Reloaded

By   ON Sep 26th 2014 at 1:21PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. This week is quite a spectacle, what with jewelled phones, cars and watches, and for those more interested in experientials, our F&B recommendations are right on cue. Read on  ...   Continue Reading »

Karl Lagerfeld Adds a Touch of High Fashion to Sofitel's So Singapore

By   ON Sep 24th 2014 at 3:07PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Right from designing the Lions Seal emblem for the heritage Sofitel property in Singapore to swanky interior accents and bathrobes, Karl Lagerfeld has used her designer skills to style the 87-year-old hotel building. With infinity pools, French-inspired suites and iTouch technology the hotel has it all  ...   Continue Reading »

Dubai’s Atlantis Brand Ups the Ante With a New Luxury Resort & Residence Project

By   ON Sep 18th 2014 at 1:42PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) and Kerzner International Holdings are getting ready to launch a $1.4 billion resort property, which will also include luxury residencies. Combining scenic views with high design with world-class services, the new Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences will be a luxurious new addition to The Palm  ...   Continue Reading »

Mandarin Oriental's New Dubai Property Will Have a Private Dock for Your Yacht

By   ON Sep 17th 2014 at 5:02PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Featuring infinity pools and private over-water villas, a new property by Mandarin Oriental is all set to come up on Dubai's Jumeirah Beach stretch. Slated to launch in 2017, the property, currently under construction, will offer visitors an urban luxury retreat  ...   Continue Reading »

A New Luxury Train Will Take You on a Cultural Tour of India

By   ON Sep 16th 2014 at 4:14PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Just like the trips The Royal Rajhasthan on Wheels makes, the new Unity Express, inspired by PM Narendra Modi's desire for a 'status of unity' in the country, will offer luxury train tours across 16 Indian states. Here's what you need to know about the luxurious journeys  ...   Continue Reading »

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Golden Dreams

By   ON Sep 14th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. Luxe lovers will be very pleased with the many gold-plated editions this week, served alongside some first class travel options at two tourist hotspots. Read on  ...   Continue Reading »

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