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Small Talk With: Eliano Bou Assi

Small Talk With: Eliano Bou Assi


In between his master tutorial on the perfect 10-step...

Food Review: Fiesta Latina

Food Review: Fiesta Latina


It's not often that one gets to taste authentic Latin...

Highlights from the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair

Highlights from the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair

Homes & Real Estate

Connoisseurs of design will be delighted with the launches...

Saint Laurent Brings the Iconic YSL Logo on Your Bag

Saint Laurent Brings the Iconic YSL Logo on Your Bag


Saint Laurent’s creative director, Hedi Slimane has...

Week in LuxuryLaunches: Cool Cars & More

By Chelna Khatau   Apr 18th 2014 at 12:50PM IN Cars & Jets rated

Every week, our friends at LuxuryLaunches give us the low down on uber-luxurious happenings from across the world. This week we talk about new car launches, luxury travel and a fabulous watch designed by Patek Philippe. Read on…  Continue Reading »

Richard Branson to Open a Luxury Hotel in South Africa

By Sneha Mankani   Apr 18th 2014 at 11:35AM IN Lifestyle rated

Richard Branson is in expansion mode. What’s predictable is that you know he’s always up to something, but you will rarely have a clue as to what he’s going to do next. Right after launching his space travel endeavour, he got into cruise shipping, and now his company Virgin Limited Edition has announced a preliminary agreement to purchase a new property in the picturesque valleys of South Africa   Continue Reading »

Most Expensive Celebrity Endorsements

By Sneha Mankani   Apr 18th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Lifestyle rated

Signing multi-million dollar deals is part and parcel of a celebrity's life. But right now, we’re talking about paychecks that could buy the brand itself sometimes! Here’s looking at some of the most expensive celebrity endorsements that continue to awe us with the number of zeros that are added to the gargantuan bank accounts of the likes of Beyonce, Beckham and Bieber  View Slideshow »

Ambiente Arrives in India

By Gita Mirchandani   Apr 18th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Homes & Real Estate rated

Ambiente will serve to be India's strategic launch to add cheer to the retail sector and hopes to reinforce India's growing influence in global design and consumer trends   Continue Reading »

Henry Holland Designs for Magnum’s 25th Anniversary

By Karishma Roye   Apr 17th 2014 at 1:03PM IN Style rated

In the House of Holland was crafted an edible chocolate dress that pays ode to Magnum’s 25th anniversary, and if you can crack the DressCode, you might be able to get your hands on a wearable one too   Continue Reading »

Just In: The Ford Mustang 50 Years Limited Edition

By Indian Autos Blog   Apr 17th 2014 at 12:04PM IN Cars & Jets rated

Ford has unveiled the Mustang limited edition at the ongoing New York Auto Show, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic drive. Interestingly, it was at the 1964 New York Auto Show that the Ford Mustang was brought to the world. Here’s all you need to know about this iconic car  Continue Reading »

Carl F Bucherer’s Bollywood Muses: Lisa Haydon & Puja Gupta

By Sneha Mankani   Apr 17th 2014 at 12:01PM IN Watches rated

Looks like international brands are fans of Bollywood, and who’s to blame them? It’s electrifying, dramatic and larger-than-life - all that a brand needs to pump up their market reach. We already know Christian Louboutin’s love for the Indian entertainment industry, and now we hear that a pioneer manufacturer of luxury watches, Carl F Bucherer has chosen two Bolly beauties, Lisa Haydon and Puja Gupta to be his new brand ambassadors.  Continue Reading »

We’re Digging Dior’s Reinvented Metallic Sneakers

By Sneha Mankani   Apr 17th 2014 at 10:00AM IN Style rated

Sneakers aren't something you'd immediately connect with luxury. They bend more towards practicality and comfort, not that we don’t like that in our shoes. But when luxe appeal and practicality come together, we get the Dior Homme Sneakers; and for men, it’s just been reinvented by Dior. It’s time to get your sneak-er on!  Continue Reading »

Video: In the Shadows of the Vera Wang Bride

By Sneha Mankani   Apr 17th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Style rated

New York-based designer Vera Wang’s haute couture bridal gowns are every bride-to-be's dream. Her luxurious silhouettes and dreamy styles are unbeatable, almost every time she comes up with a new collection. Interestingly, this time around, her Spring 2015 bridal line-up is surprisingly dark... very dark…  Continue Reading »

Guide: Jewellery To Suit the Occasion

By Karishma Roye   Apr 17th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Jewellery rated

The trend for sporting one statement-making piece of jewellery is an eternal failsafe alternate that rings true on any occasion. But with only so much to play with, there’s a very fine line to tread between ‘OTT’ and just ‘not enough’. Taking cue from an expert, Chhaya Jain of Zahav Jewels uses her signature line of couture diamond jewellery to illustrate the finer nuances of mating the what + where + when of your treasure chest  View Slideshow »

Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan

Turquoise & Gold


She was attending a store launch.