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The Indian Man Gets Bespoke Shoes by John Lobb

By TNN  ON Apr 24th 2014 at 11:43AM IN Rated   Style 

John Lobb, the premier English handmade-to-measure shoe maker since 1849, has tied up with Mumbai-based Regalia Luxury for distribution and retail of its bespoke shoes in India. Heres how you can get a pair  ...   Continue Reading »

Bangalore is the Preferred Investment Destination for Luxury Homes in India

By TNN  ON Apr 22nd 2014 at 12:16PM IN Rated   Homes & Real Estate 

You would think that buying a house in Mumbai or Delhi are the two most aspirational choices for the residents of the country; Statistics, however, prove that the escalated asking price for real estate in both cities have now made Bangalore the prime spot for buyers interested in luxury homes and villas  ...   Continue Reading »

Mercedes-Benz Launches the GL 63 AMG SUV at Rs 1.66 crore in India

By TNN  ON Apr 16th 2014 at 11:55AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The brands focus on the SUV market has never been more evident what with Mercedes-Benz having announced the lower end five seater GLA, and now the uber premium GL 63 AMG seven seater SUV for India. A car at both ends of the price spectrum, which one will you be putting your money on?  ...   Continue Reading »

Have You Been Invited to the Birlas & Jindals Fundraiser?

By TNN  ON Apr 9th 2014 at 2:28PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Sangita Jindal and Neerja Birla, trustees of the Make-A-Wish Foundation are hosting a rather special fundraiser for children fighting life threateneing diseases. Artists, fashion designers and jewellers have come together to create a line of hand-painted fibre glass teddy bears and accessories inspired by this endearing symbol of love and affection  ...   Continue Reading »

Indian Billionaires Steer Clear of Bugatti & Koenigsegg

By TNN  ON Apr 3rd 2014 at 12:11PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The tussle on who makes the pole position in the luxury car market in India forever remains between Mercedes, Audi and BMW, which ironically seem to be the preferred billionaire rides versus the more premium and luxurious roll outs by Bugatti, Gumpert and the likes. With no takers, this could signal the exit of these brands  ...   Continue Reading »

Adani's Mansion Competes with Ambani's Antilla

By TNN  ON Mar 27th 2014 at 12:55PM IN Rated   Homes & Real Estate 

For years now Antilia has dominated popular imagination with its towering statistics. But the mansion being built by the Adanis Gautam and Priti could be a serious contender to the crown by its sheer grandeur and cultural abundance  ...   Continue Reading »

Billionaire Sets Record for Most Expensive Life Insurance

By TNN  ON Mar 26th 2014 at 12:08PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

No name or identification and yet this US billionaire has managed to make headlines by fronting $201 mn for life insurance under anonymity. Care to take a guess who broke the Guinness World Record?  ...   Continue Reading »

Why Mukesh Ambani’s Luxury Jet was Grounded

By TNN  ON Mar 25th 2014 at 12:08PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

In August last year, private jets belonging to Indian billionaires were grounded owing to renewed rules and regulations in aviation. This time around, while the Jindals' jets seem to have been cleared, the Ambani jet misses the mark by a long shot  ...   Continue Reading »

When Sussanne Roshan Let Her Hair Down in Dubai

By TNN  ON Mar 25th 2014 at 11:48AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

This is where you first read about Gauri and Sussannes Dubai plans. Let us now tell you how these two besties let their hair down  ...   Continue Reading »

Who Paid $2 Million for a Dog?

By TNN  ON Mar 20th 2014 at 12:06PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

It's safe to say most of us are dog lovers, but can the desire to domesticate a prized hound urge you to spend a million dollars? Actually, $2 million is the figure in question here, making one Tibetan Mastiff the most expensive dog in the world  ...   Continue Reading »

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Ileana D'Cruz

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