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10 Most Outrageous Purchases in October

By Meredith Galante  ON Nov 3rd 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

October was another record-breaking month in the art world. This month, buyers flocked toward historic hand guns and paintings. The most notable record broken this month was easily the most expensive piece of art sold by an artist who is currently living. rnSource: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

The Versaces Are Selling Their Milan Family Home for Rs 336 Crore

By Meredith Galante  ON Oct 13th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Homes & Real Estate 

The late Gianni Versace and his family have an impressive real estate portfolio. In June, Versace's Miami mansion hit the market for $125 million, making it one of the most expensive homes for sale in America. Now, his brother Santo has listed his Milan apartment for $63.8 million (approx Rs 336 crore), according to Curbed. The home spans more than 22,000 sq ft across four floors, and was built in 1954  ...   Continue Reading »

World's First Floating Golf Course To Be Built in The Maldives

By Meredith Galante  ON Aug 20th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

The Maldives will soon be home to a $520 million floating golf course on the Indian Ocean. The world's first artificial course will be built in India or the Middle East, and then towed to the island nation  ...   Continue Reading »

10 Luxury Bathrooms You Will Never Want To Leave

By Meredith Galante  ON Aug 6th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Every luxury real estate listing seems to have way more bathrooms than bedrooms.nAnd it's not just something we've noticed when combing listings for our House of the Day. A 2-to-1 bathroom-to-bedroom ratio is practically a new status symbol for the wealthy, at least in Los Angeles.nMaster bathrooms now have amenities that rival spas and hotels, with "emotional" showers that change colours and aromas, copper tubs, and his-and-her water closets.nHere are some of the more luxurious loos we've come across recently.nnSource: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

Inside The Hermes Factory Where Everything is Handcrafted

By Meredith Galante  ON Jul 28th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Style 

Whether it's Kim Kardashian buying a $100,000 purse or a photographer burning one for the sake of art, Hermes' coveted bags create a stir whenever they are mentioned. The 2011 documentary Hearts and Crafts, directed by documentary filmmaker Frederic Laffont, depicts daily life inside a Hermes factory in France where bags, glass goods, drawings, and leather saddles for horseback riding are crafted. In a month, the Hermes staff can produce 15 hand-crafted bags of different styles and textures. The bags range from $10,000 to $150,000 depending on the size and material used. So how, exactly, are Hermes' bags made? Watch the full documentary here, or click through to see. Source:...  ...   Continue Reading »

Top 10 Outrageous Luxury Items Purchased In June

By Meredith Galante  ON Jul 7th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

June registered as another record-breaking month. Cars, computers, art, and historical documents fill this month's list of the most insane and outrageous purchases. Source: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

Japan's $21 Million 1 Bedroom Apartment

By Meredith Galante  ON Apr 5th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Homes & Real Estate 

Don't let its name deceive you. "The House" is actually a one-bedroom apartment that is listed for a huge $21.7 million. For comparison's sake: the most expensive one-bedroom apartment currently listed in New York is a $9 million place on West 57th Street, according to StreetEasy. The 4,400 sq ft apartment is located in Japan's Minami-Azabu neighbourhood. The kitchen is Hibachi style, which can be exciting entertainment for your guests Source: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

Take An Incredible Aerial Tour Of Dubai

By Meredith Galante  ON Mar 24th 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

It's been called "the City of the Future". With its sweeping landscapes and futuristic architecture, Dubai has a skyline unlike any other city in the world. Our friends at Airpano, a group of Russian photographers and panorama enthusiasts, have taken to the skies to document the most visually interesting places on our planet. Dubai sits high on that list. They used Canon 1Ds MarkII, Canon 1Ds MarkIII, Canon 5D MarkII, and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1to take their photos. The pictures are so insanely detailed you won't even believe they're real Source: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

This Abu Dhabi Airline Is Spending Rs 45 Crore to Refurbish a Single Plane

By Meredith Galante  ON Mar 22nd 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Royal Jet, an Abu Dhabi airline, plans to spend $9 million (approx Rs 45 crore) to upgrade a single one of its Boeing business jets. With about 11 jets to be refurbished, this 46-passenger plane apart from it's new livery, will have new system upgrades. Here's more on it  ...   Continue Reading »

10 Most Outrageous Luxury Purchases In January

By Meredith Galante  ON Feb 2nd 2012 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

The New Year started off with some large, quirky and outrageous purchases. Diverting away from the fashionista purchases of last December, January was about history, cars and real estate. Jennifer Aniston bought yet another home, presidential memorabilia was auctioned off, and someone ate a really expensive piece of sushi Source: Business Insider  ...   Continue Reading »

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Jacqueline Fernandez

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